Naptown Funk – Jazz Appreciation Month

The Arts Council of Indianapolis has been using our Naptown Funk T-shirt design as part of their Jazz Appreciation Month campaign:

With that in mind, I decided to post some of my favorite funky Naptown jazz jams. Many of these artists are featured on our Naptown Funk shirt, so get yours today!

Larry Ridley – Well You Needn’t by CulturalCannibals

J.J.Johnson is best known for his bebop recordings from the 1950’s, which redefined the role of the trombone in jazz. Johnson was also a talented composer/arranger and he traveled to Hollywood in the 70’s, scoring funky classics like Cleopatra Jones and Across 110th Street.
Phil Ranelin – Vibes from the Tribe by CulturalCannibals

Funk Inc.!
Freddie Hubbard – People Make The World Go Round by CulturalCannibals

Sublime,breezy grooves from drummer Von Ohlen. Features Indy stalwarts like Steve Allee, playing killer farfisa and the late, great Claude Sifferlen on electric piano. An underrated Naptown classic.
Baron Von Ohlen Quartet – Tergiversation by CulturalCannibals


Wes Montgomery
Monk Montgomery – Bump De Bump by CulturalCannibals

I’ll end this post with a series of tracks from vibraphonist Billy Wooten and his various projects.

In the Rain, from Wooten’s highly sought after 1972 live LP Wooden Glass. This track was recently sampled by Mos Def for Pistola.

Naptown Afro Jazz Quintet – Road Song by CulturalCannibals
Billy Wooten – Chicango (Chicago Land) by CulturalCannibals

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