Tom Zé discusses the politics of microtonality in Baile Funk

My view on baile funk is one of admiration and honest surprise. They influence aesthetics as well as moral habits in Brazilian life. I often say that if I have a daughter I would like to educate her about sex using Baile Funk.
Regarding the music, there are some songs that I am profoundly jealous of. I would trade all my work in order to have come up with the refrain “estou ficando atoladinha

– Tom Zé on Baile Funk, from a 2006 interview with Pitchfork

Tom Zé is referring to the massive Baile Funk hit Atoladinha by Bola De Fogo. The song’s refrain “estou ficando atoladinha” is a crude sexual innuendo. In recent years Tom, one of the fathers of Tropicalia, has been delivering lectures on the cultural significance of Atoladinha and in the ultimate act of Cultural Cannibalism, he’s turned this simple funk song into a manifesto!

Here’s a clip of Tom discussing his Baile Funk theories on the Jô Soares show (sort of like a Brazilian Tonight Show, but with better guests!) Even if you don’t understand a word of Portuguese, this video is still amusing.

Tom Ze – Jimmy, Renda-se by CulturalCannibals

thanks to Masala for posting this clip

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