This weeks Soul Brazil pick comes from the godfather of Brazilian soul: Tim Maia.

In 1975, underneath a brief spell by the metaphysical ideology Cultura Racional, Brazilian pop singer Tim Maia launched Tim Maia Racional, one of the most intriguing albums of Brazilian music history. Known for his drug habit, Tim Maia left his vices behind to delve into teachings of the Universo em Desencanto. Cleary influenced by something other than drugs, the irony of this album comes from its cult-induced lyrics laid on top of funky soul music that rivaled what was coming out of the US at the same time.

‘We are going to tell you the most important thing that you heard in your life… we came from a super -world, world of rational energy. And we live in the anti-world, world of animal’s energy. Read the book, the only book, the book of God, Universe in Disenchantment… and you gonna know the truth.

Upon breaking with the Cultura Racional sect (or awakening), the singer took the record off the shelves, making it a collector’s item until it was reissued in 2005.

Here’s Monobloco’s take on this Tim Maia classic:

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