Eli Sudbrack of assume vivid astro focus Selects His 5 Favorite Brazilian Albums

This is the fourth edition of our Brazilian Top 5 feature. Each week Cultural Cannibals will ask a different artist or musician to select their 5 favorite Brazilian albums. This week we spoke with visual artist Eli Sudbrack, check out his list posted below.

One of the most talked about forces to have emerged in the art world during the last decade, assume vivid astro focus is the alias of Brazilian born artist Eli Sudbrack.  We knew that Sudbrack was greatly influenced by Brazil’s Tropicalia movement and being avid Tropicalistas ourselves, we were eager to learn more about his musical interests. Well, we asked, he answered and the results are here in Eli’s list of Tropicalia and post-punk favorites.

Eli Sudbrack – Top 5

1.  Os Mutantes – Os Mutantes 1968 Polydor

2. Jorge Ben – A Tabua de Esmeralda  1974 Philips

3. Violeta de Outono – Em Toda Parte 1989 RCA

4. Fellini – 3 Lugares Diferentes 1987 Baratos Afins

5. Chico Science e Nacao Zumbi  – Da Lama ao Caos 1994 Sony

– Kyle Long

A look at Sudbrack and avaf’s work:

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