Gal Costa Selects Her 5 Favorite Brazilian Albums

Special edition of the Cultural Cannibals Brazilian Top 5 with legendary Tropicalia singer Gal Costa!

I have to admit, my Portuguese really, really sucks. So when I asked Gal Costa to tell me her 5 favorite Brazilian albums, I wasn’t too surprised when the list she rattled off was half full of American artists. But who am I to question the first lady of Tropicalia? So take this as a list of Gal’s 5 favorite albums period, and also an indication of how deeply American Jazz has influenced musicians in Brazil.

Gal Costa is one of the top selling artists in Brazil. Although she is best known for her saccharine, Bossa influenced pop, Gal started her career as one of the architects of the Tropicalia movement. Her self-titled 1969 album is not only the most experimental LP in the Tropicalia canon, it’s one of the wildest Psych-Funk manifestations ever caught on tape! Full of Gal’s wild groans, yelps and screams and guitarist Lanny’s brilliant Hendrix influenced riffing. Listen to these samples for proof:

Big thanks to Gal Costa for participating! Check out her list posted below.

Gal Costa – Top 5

1. João Gilberto – Amoroso 1977 WEA Brasil

2. Caetano Veloso – Fina Stampa 1994 Polygram

3. Chet Baker – todos os discos (all his albums)

4. Sarah Vaughan – O Som Brasileiro de Sarah Vaughan 1978 RCA

5. Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass – 1983 Pablo

– Kyle Long

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