Rainer Trüby Selects His 5 Favorite Brazilian Albums

This is the sixth edition of our Brazilian Top 5 feature. Each week Cultural Cannibals will ask a different artist or musician to select their 5 favorite Brazilian albums. This week we spoke with DJ and ex Trüby Trio and A Forest Mighty Black member Rainer Trüby, check out his list posted below.

Rainer Trüby’s love for Brazilian music is well known. The Freiburg, Germany native curated the 5 volume Glücklich series for Compost Records, advertised as “A collection of Brazilian flavors from the past and the present”, Glücklich featured rare Bossa classics alongside contemporary Nu-Jazz selections.  When asked about his attraction to Brazilian music, Trüby answered “The rhythm, the percussive elements, the melody, the harmony. It possesses so much sentimentality, you know, sad but uplifting at the same time. I really fell in love with Edu Lobo because to me, his songs capture the essence of human spirit.”

I have so many favorite Brazilian albums, so my choice of the day is this:

Rainer Trüby – Top 5

1. Candeias – Sambaiana  1976 Mediterraneo

2. Djavan – A Voz O Violao A Muica De 1976 Somlivre

3. Edu Lobo – Cantiga De Longe 1970 Elenco

4. Marcos Valle: Vontade De Rever Voce 1981 Somlivre

5. Ronie & Central Do Brasil – Self Titled 1975 Tapecar

– Kyle Long

A look at some of Rainer Trüby’s work”

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One Response to Rainer Trüby Selects His 5 Favorite Brazilian Albums

  1. Beppe/Bp/Beppino/ says:

    galicia avevo gia’ sentito e poi sono un’ulteriore supporto per il Futuro del suono del Jazz
    “The Future Sound of Jazz”,with other Great Dj & Pseudomini like your Music it’s very Interesting for the future of jazz as compost & great Label like this one Good Lucky for your MusicSound & The news Production,Rispettive Grazie e Buone Feste x la vostra Pasqua,Bp

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