Balkan Beats – Balkan Jazz

Thanks to the 200+ who made it to our Balkan Beats party last night at White Rabbit Cabaret. We’ll definitely be doing it again soon, stay tuned!

On a slightly different note check out this super-dope Balkan Jazz mix put together by the great Gilles Peterson.  Yup, in addition to thegypsy” music this region is famous for, there’s also an amazing jazz scene which often incorporates elements of southeastern European folk music.  If you dig this mix check out Duško Gojković’s 1966 release Swinging Macedonia, an LP many consider to be the foundation of Balkan Jazz.

Gilles Peterson’s Balkan Jazz Mix by gillespeterson


Propaganda – 18 Novembar (PGP RTB)
Vojislav Kostic – Za Jeden Cretz Georga Grosa (Studio B)
Tone Jansa Quartet – Goa (Jugoton)
Karlheinz Miklin – Common (Diskos)
Lala Kovacev Group – Wedding Dance (RTB)
Misa Blam – Idemo Lisce (Beograd Disk)
Tone Jansa – Skozi Oblake (RTB)

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