Future Funk Overdose – DâM-FunK, Computer Jay & J-1 on BBC’s Deviation

More from DâM-FunK. Last week we shared DâM’s “Future Sound of Modern Funk” mix and this week we have DâM with Computer Jay & J-1 live on Benji B’s Deviation radio show. Lots of new exclusive tracks and a few words from DâM about his collaboration with funk legend Steve Arrington of Slave.  Listen and download here:


Dam-Funk – It’s Benji B [Dubplate]
Dam-Funk – 10 West [Stones Throw]
Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact [Stones Throw]
Steve Arrington & Dam Funk – Tap Dat [CDR]
Dam-Funk – Infinate Sunset [CDR]
Computer Jay – Epiphany [Ramp Recordings]
Computer Jay – Distance [Ramp Recordings]
Computer Jay – Slapper [CDR]
Computer Jay – Seratonin [CDR]
J 1 – Think about it [CDR]
J 1 – Charlie House [CDR]

and finally future funk rocker Christopher White, from what looks like an early 90’s public access TV broadcast.  This video’s been making the rounds recently, if you haven’t seen it enjoy:

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