Seu Jorge & Almaz – A Track by Track Look at the Original Versions

If you’re a Seu Jorge fan, you probably know he’s gotta new band and a new LP. The band, Almaz is composed of ex-Nação Zumbi members joined by composer Antonio Pinto, the album is composed entirely of cover songs. The source material Almaz have drawn from for this new LP is dizzying in it’s eclecticism, ranging from German techno-pioneers Kraftwerk to deep throated samba-rocker Noriel Vilela. The songs are reworked in radical new ways, so I thought it might be interesting for listeners to examine the originals and compare.  You can buy Seu Jorge & Almaz here.

1. Jorge Ben – Errare Humanum Est

2. Kraftwerk – The Model

3. Tim Maia – Cristina

4. Noriel Vilela – Saudosa Bahia

5. Martinho Da Vila – Cirandar


6. Baden Powell – Tempo De Amor

7. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

8. Tribo Massahi – Pai João

9. Michael Jackson – Rock With You

10. João Donato – Cala Boca, Menino (composed by Dorival Caymmi)

11. Cane & Able – Girl You Move Me

12. Nelson Cavaquinho – Juizo Final

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