Cultural Cannibals Present – Cumbia! Saturday, May 28 at Urban Element

Cultural Cannibals present:
Cumbia! Movement of the People.
Saturday, May 28 – 10pm-3am

Urban Element
901 N. Penn. St.
Downtown, Indianapolis

Featuring DJ’s
Dubatonik (Puebla, Mexico) –
Mr. Eddy – Sonorama (Chicago, IL) –
Kyle Long – CulturalCannibals (Indianapolis, IN)
Playing a mix of Cumbia, Afrobeat, Reggae, Tropical Bass & Latin Funk!

Cumbia is a Latin American music style that originated in Colombia. Cumbia is a synthesis of the traditions of three separate cultures: former slaves of African descent, who contributed the rhythms and percussion instruments; descendants of European colonists, primarily Hispanics, who influenced the music’s melodic progressions; and native Americans descended from Andean tribes, who affected Cumbia’s melodic and harmonic sense. Additionally, the geographical location of Colombia’s northern coast left the area open to influences from the Caribbean, which probably accounts for Cumbia’s resemblance to other styles from the region; the most notable similarity is its steady backbeat, which is closer to Jamaican popular music than to the fluid, shifting rhythms of Latin jazz and salsa. Cumbia is popular throughout South America, Central America & Mexico. In recent years the style has been embraced by a new generation of Electronic musicians who are blending the traditional rhythms of Cumbia with House, Dubstep & Hip-Hop.

Dubatonik – Cañonazos Sonideros Vol. 1:

Dubatonik – Afrodelia Mix:

Sponsored by Knitting Factory Records – ‘Fela – Movement of the People’.
We will have FREE Fela Kuti giveaways all night – buttons, CD’s & posters!!!

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2 Responses to Cultural Cannibals Present – Cumbia! Saturday, May 28 at Urban Element

  1. Onye Ndika says:

    What’s the cover charge?

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