Cultural Manifesto Radio – playlist for 12/03/14


Kyle Long’s weekly NUVO column “A Cultural Manifesto” is now available on WFYI radio’s HD2 station. Check out a 60 minute selection of soulful new music from around the globe every Wednesday at 7pm EST, with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 3pm EST.

Stream live online at: And be sure to to select HD2 in the ‘Livestream’ dropbox.

This week’s edition of Cultural Manifesto features the music and words of Sun Ra.

A Century of Sun Ra mix

Sun Ra – India
Sun Ra – Space is the Place
Sun Ra – Angels And Demons At Play
Sun Ra – Planet Earth
Sun Ra – Celestial Road
Sun Ra – Where Pathways Meet
Sun Ra – Calling Planet Earth
Sun Ra – Spontaneous Simplicity
Sun Ra – Springtime In Chicago
Sun Ra – Lights of A Satellite
Sun Ra – The Magic City
Sun Ra – Dance of the Cosmo Aliens
Sun Ra – Astro Black
Sun Ra – Rocket #9 Take Off For Planet Venus
Sun Ra – Nuclear War
Sun Ra – Make Another Mistake
Sun Ra – Door of the Cosmos
Sun Ra – It’s After the end of the World
Sun Ra – Love In Outer Space
Sun Ra – Where There is No Sun
Sun Ra – Somewhere in Space
Sun Ra – Tapestry From an Asteroid


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