Cultural Manifesto Radio – playlist for 02/04/15

186068-1 Kyle Long’s weekly NUVO column “A Cultural Manifesto” is now available on WFYI radio’s HD2 station. Check out a 60 minute selection of soulful new music from around the globe every Wednesday at 7pm EST, with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 3pm EST. Stream live online at: And be sure to to select HD2 in the ‘Livestream’ dropbox.

Robert Wyatt 70th Birthday Tribute Mix

Robert Wyatt – Sea Song
Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding
Bjork w/ Robert Wyatt – Submarine
Matching Mole w/ Robert Wtatt – God Song
Robert Wyatt – Strange Fruit
Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free
Robert Wyatt – Te Recuerdo Amanda
Robert Wyatt – Hasta Siempre Comandante
Working Week w/ Robert Wyatt – Venceremos
Robert Wyatt – Grass
Robert Wyatt – P.L.A.
Robert Wyatt – Alfib
Robert Wyatt – Free Will And Testament
Robert Wyatt – I’m A Believer


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